Wednesday, July 20, 2005

working on my stare

I prefer tournament play to cash games, so I signed up for a $1 + $0.20 multi-table sit & go. 5 tables, top 7 places play.

I played the best poker I've ever played. Getting run over with the deck didn't hurt, either. But I was playing aggressive and my aggression was being respsected. It took about 90 minutes to get down to the final table. After the break, I was either the chip leader or 2nd place for the majority of the time. After another 20 minutes we were down to 3. Very soon after, it was heads up! The first hand was a nailbiter:

The hand after that, however was my undoing, as my flush draw missed and he made his straight on the turn. Still, 2nd place is my best finish (even only out of 45) and $10 is nothing to sneeze at.


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