Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Only 240 out of the money. Feh.

The killers:

I have QhJh and limp (my fatal mistake, I'm sure...I have problems playing hands like KQ, KT, QJ, AJ strongly, not sure if I should or not). Flop comes A-x-x with 2 hearts. I bet 200 (blinds are 50/100, pot was something like 800), everyone folds to Mr. Dumbass, who raises all-in. I go into the tank and eventually call. He shows K4o, I don't improve and I'm down to T25.

Next hand, I at least get KTo, so I'm all in. Board eventually comes K-x-4-4-x (here's where that K4 would've been nice). Mr. Dumbass (again) this hand has Big Slick and IGHN. I definitely need to improve my preflop play (if there should be any preflop play) on those aforementioned hands.


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